Magnetec GmbH is a market leader in the development and production of tape wound cores made from soft magnetic alloys. It specialises in the production of soft magnetic cores and components for the electronics and electromechanical industries.

Power Magnetics Relationship with Magnetec We are the authorised UK Agent for Magnetec and any UK based enquiries should be directed through Power Magnetics.

About Nanoperm® Cores

Nanoperm® is a novel nanocrystalline soft magnetic material which offers a unique combination of high permeability with large flux density and low losses at high frequencies. Operational temperatures of up to 180°C are possible.

A significant advantage of Nanoperm® is the ability to construct chokes and transformers in much smaller volumes than is possible using ferrite based assemblies.

Where space and performance are at a premium the use of Nanoperm® material should be considered.

Common-Mode chokes in particular benefit from the high permeability of Nanoperm®, where the amount of copper wire can be reduced, thus reducing copper losses and component size.

About Magnoperm® Cores

Magneperm is a crystalline soft magnetic material which features highest permeability levels at reasonable prices for any application at mains frequency. According to the requirements of each application, different variants with variable Ni-content (48-80%) are available. The main application is mains independent ELCB.

Evaluation samples are available from Power Magnetics

Products and Applications

Universal Cores
Stadium Cores (Ovals)
Wound Cores
Speciality Cores
Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCCB)
Inverter Drives
EMI Filters
Current Transformers
Electronic Energy Meters

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Cosmo Ferrites

Check out our range of Cosmo Ferrites They provide a high quality, low cost alternative to Ferroxcube™, Epcos™, TDK™ etc..  Many cores are held ex-stock and factory lead-times are much lower than the industry average. 

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